The Wine Foundry

The Wine Foundry

Contact: Philip Von Burg
Phone: 415-686-0189
45-3 Enterprise Court
Napa CA 94558

Website: thewinefoundry.com
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At The Wine Foundry, we’ve developed a six-step process for winemaking that spans anywhere from 6 to 24 monthCalifornia AVA Maps, depending upon the grape varietal and style of wine you wish to create.


Browse through each of the vineyards in our guide and, when possible, try commercial wines made from them. If you prefer, talk to us about the style of wine you enjoy and we’ll help you choose the property that will best suit your goals.


Every wine begins with a series of decisions that help shape the aromas, flavors and textures in your bottle. Because each property has unique character traits, you’ll consult directly with our winemaking team on the impact of each decision on your wine’s style. From the selection of your vineyard and grape varietals, to which cork and capsule best suit your bottle, we’re with you every step of the way to educate, enlighten and execute.


Throughout the growing season, we’ll share weather updates, photographs and interviews with growers to offer insight on the vintage and how your fruit is developing on vine. As harvest nears, we’ll begin including a window of dates when it’s likely your grapes will be ready for harvest. Due to Mother Nature’s notorious tendency to play with weather, it’s extremely difficult to predict the exact date we’ll harvest. However, each property is monitored closely to ensure the grapes will be picked for optimum flavor development.


When the fruit arrives, you are welcome to join us at the winery to help sort, crush, ferment and press your wine. If you can’t be here in person, our winemaking staff is there to handle every step of the process as dictated by your wine plan.


Once you’ve signed up at The Wine Foundry, you’ll receive a Packaging Guide that helps you work with our design team to select your bottle, cork and capsule and create a unique label specifically for your wine.


At The Wine Foundry, we craft small amounts of additional wine each year for the specific purpose of bringing added depth and complexity to your final blend. As we near bottling, you will have an opportunity to work with our winemaking team to fine-tune the aromatics, texture and balance of your wine through a series of blending trials.

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