Bodega Garzon

Bodega Garzon

Phone: 598 4224 1759
AGROLAND S.A. Ruta 9 Km. 175
Garzón, Maldonado Uruguay

Website: bodegagarzon.com
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A unique terroir. An environment beyond comparison.

Great wines are born in great terroirs, and Garzón vineyards prove it: they are located in a privileged Uruguayan land, near Punta del Este, La Barra and José Ignacio, Uruguay’s holiday paradise. Its varied landscapes, its natural setting and the perfect combination of history and future, have motivated the creation of exclusive restaurants and hotel resorts in the surrounding areas that confers the environments with an aura of sophistication. This particular location offers an outstanding environment for our plantations. The terroir makes the difference.

Garzón’s soil belongs geologically to what is known as Crystalline Basement, which originated 2.5 billion years ago. As it altered and eroded through millions of years of geological processes, ballast, like the previous rock formations, gave shape to this fantastic thin and rocky soil, with excellent drainage and very rich in minerals which the vine roots absorb. This endows the wine with mineral wealth, excellence, complexity and gracefulness. Garzón’s soil is a rather charming concept related to the terroir and very easy to explain: a clear, strong message for all premium wine lovers

The sea breeze in our wines

Another fundamental feature of our terroir is the crucial influence exerted by the Atlantic Ocean, which is only 18 kilometers (11 miles) away. This provides a constant and very pleasant fresh breeze that blows through our grapes, something recognizable in our wines too. Hence the vibrant notes of our fresh, mineral white wines, as well as their significant varietal character. In turn, our red wines are fresh and juicy, showing gentle tannin's and a delicate mineral touch.

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