Bodega Argento

Bodega Argento

Phone: (+54) 261 499
Juan de la Cruz Videla S/N Cruz de Piedra

Website: bodegaargento.com
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We are very proud of our country’s viticultural heritage and Mendoza’s unique terroir, and we devote ourselves to making wines that emphasize the characteristics of the style and spirit of Bodega Argento’s wines: fruit purity, freshness, intensity, elegance, balance, and the maximum expression of the vineyard –terroir– where the grapes come from.

At Bodega Argento we are passionate about bringing the maximum expression of the terroir where the grapes come from into each wine. Our wines combine the complexity of the best terroirs in Mendoza with fruit purity.

To that end, we analyze the soil from each of our estates, as well as the solar radiation, and we implement the appropriate irrigation system for each sector of the vineyard. We monitor the climate conditions every day, in each stage of the vine’s life cycle. We work in the land and in the vines, we taste the grapes to determine the optimum moment to harvest them according to the area and the soil of each section of the land, and we choose the appropriate harvesting method. We have the best technology as far as winemaking is concerned. We always respect the organic nature of our wines when we implement it, in order to conserve the fruit’s essence. We want to ensure the maximum expression of the terroir and the grape’s varietal character in its full potential, in each of the styles and wine brands that we produce.

All the members in our team are winemakers, with no distinction between oenologists and agricultural engineers, who are united in a common goal: to make the best wines expressing the essence of the terroir from each of our vineyards. We have a team that is specifically devoted to research and development, with the mission of getting to know our vineyards better every day, studying the different areas, especially those growing Malbec grapes.

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