Izzy Driscoll

 Izzy  Driscoll

Izzy Driscoll

Huia Vinyeards | Marlborough, New Zealand | www.huiavineyards.com

Izzy Driscoll has been part of the Huia vineyards family since 2002. Initially Izzy represented the winery locally, selling Huia wines through a wine distributor in CO. After many years doing that, she moved onto working directly for the importer that used to bring Huia wines into the states. Since 2010 Izzy has worked directly with the winery helping broaden distribution throughout the states and manage some European markets.

Izzy’s passion for Huia is palpable, whether talking about the beautiful wines from Huia or explaining the dedication the winery has to organics and letting the vines speak for themselves.


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