Chef Tim McCaw

Chef Tim   McCaw

Chef Tim McCaw

The 10th | Vail, Colorado |

Chef McCaw has had a long tradition of culinary excellence in Colorado - he was born and raised there! With the ample game meats available in the Rocky Mountain state, Tim has worked with Lamb, Venison, Elk, Bison, and not to mention the fresh water Bass and Trout of the region. Utilizing the ingredients local to the area is the underlying basis of Chef Tim's cuisine, and he thrives with creativity to blend varied cultural influences to his beloved Colorado products. In joining the culinary team at The 10th, Tim is fully embracing a Modern Alpine twist, balanced against traditional Western flavors and components.

At the age of 15, Tim began his culinary journey, spending over a decade in various restaurants within the Denver Metro area, eventually seeking out the splendor of the mountains, and moving to the Vail Valley in 1998. Vail Resorts has been home for Chef McCaw over the last 19 years, especially Zach's Cabin and Red Sky Ranch Golf Club, and the last 3 years at The 10th. One of the highlights of Chef Tim's career was to join the Alpine Ski World Championships bid committee; this venture started in Whistler during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and culminated in Antalya, Turkey, where VailBeaver Creek was awarded the 2015 Alpine Ski World Championships.


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