Chef/Owner Orlando Benavidez

Chef/Owner   Orlando   Benavidez

Chef/Owner Orlando Benavidez

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Being the chef ceo owner operator media director event planner.... well you get the idea, of food truck, and retail wholesale company takes more than just brawn, it takes hustle, brains and helluva lot of patience. Orlando Benavidez and his zen-like approach joined the culinary world in 1994 and has been feeling the positive results of his organizational and creative prowess ever since.

After steering himself away from a budding art career, Orlando pushed his creative passions towards a culinary based future. The Arizona Culinary Institute was the right fit and there he earned a BA in Culinary Arts. Post educational rigor, and as par for the course for this go-getter culinarian, Orlando got right to work on his practical cooking. A path that started in New Mexico, led to Colorado, then out to Las Vegas where he made a name for himself not as a long legged dancer, but as rising star in the world of culinary arts from his work done with the Las Vegas Light Group. From Vegas the allure of the snowy Rocky Mountains was just too tantalizing to resist so he ventured back to the hills of Beaver Creek where he pulled stints at the Hyatt Resort and Spa and finally ended up back in the big city working for venerable chefs like Kevin Taylor and Richard Sandoval.

With his baby face and quiet demeanor Orlando is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. When not surfing Telemundo Soap Operas, or carving statues of the woodland creatures he so adores, Orlando is making googly eyes at his baby girl Ava Rose and letting her know that papa can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan too.


Chef Orlando will be at
Debut of Rose: Wednesday, April 5 from 3 pm- 6 pm
Niman Ranch Pork Challenge & Apres Tasting: Thursday, April 6, 3 pm- 6 pm
Niman Ranch Mountaintop Tasting: Friday, April 7 12:00-2:30 pm
Grand Tasting: Saturday, April 8 5:00-8:00 pm

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