Mike Steffel

 Mike   Steffel

Mike Steffel

Miner Wines | Napa, CA |

Mike Steffel is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Miner Family Wines. Mike has been with Miner for 5 years, but has been a long time fan and friend of Miner Family Wines for over 20 years. Starting back in MN when he was a brand manager representing Miner.


Following a number of years spent working in the software industry, Dave Miner got his start in wine in 1993 as President of Oakville Ranch Vineyards, owned by his late uncle, Robert Miner. Having spent years as an enthusiastic wine consumer and collector, Dave had a natural affinity for the business.Emily Miner, a Minnesota transplant and graduate of Santa Clara University, packs up and heads to California. She joins Oakville Ranch as the Tasting Room Manager. It was there Dave and Emily met and fell in love.The Miner Family Winery brand is born. Dave, working as President of Oakville Ranch, decides to become a custom crush client and start his own wine label.

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