Winemaker Patric Matysiewski

Winemaker Patric Matysiewski

Winemaker Patric Matysiewski

Sauvage Spectrum Estate Winery & Vineyard | Palisade, CO |

In 2010 Patric Matysiewski began a career in fermentation. Hired on at Breckenridge Brewery originally to prep in the kitchen and wash dishes. Within a few months he was summoned to operate the canning line. From here on he excelled to bottling line operator and keg filler and washer. Learning the ins and outs of the cold side of brewing and cellaring.

Mid 2012 he was approached by the CEO of a popular urban winery to not only learn to make wine, but aid in the alternative packaging revolution of wine. It was here, his crossover from the brewing industry played a vital role in the development of his career.

Patric remained at IMT until early 2017. From there he exercised the Colorado Vintner's Restaurant License in partnership with a restaurant group in Breckenridge, CO undertaking the ambitious project of designing, excavating, and installing an underground winery underneath one of the most iconic bars in the state. Again utilizing cross training gained from the brewing industry, wines are served from pressurized Bright Barrel Vessels directly to the taps in a dual concept restaurant wine tasting room setting. This first system of its kind in the world.

Late 2018 a cider label was added to his company under the name Ten Mile Cider Co. Summit County's first homegrown brand utilizing Colorado grown pome fruit.


You can meet Patric at the:

Debut of Rose on Wednesday, April 5, 3-6 pm at The Lodge at Vail

Niman Ranch Iberian Duroc Pork Challenge & Apres Tasting on Thursday, April 6, 3-6 pm on the streets of Vail

Niman Ranch Mountaintop Tasting on Friday, April 7rd, 12 pm-2:30 pm at the top of the Eagle Bahn Gondola

Grand Tasting on Saturday, April 8th, 5-8 pm in The Hythe, Vail

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