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Steve Lewis founded Giuliana Imports in 1996. Starting exclusively with small, family estates from the Italian region of Piedmont, specifically the wines of Barolo and Barbaresco. Today the Giuliana portfolio includes wineries from over fifty appellations in Italy, Spain and Argentina. Steve's knowledge of olive oil grew over the last 18 years while learning the "art of oil" from wine producers who are as passionate about their oil production as they are about their wines. In 2012 Steve started Giuliana Direct Olive Oil to organize and expand the olive oil portfolio to the greatest production zones in the Mediterranean.His goal was to market some of Europe's greatest producers. These olive oils have never been available stateside. Steve has a fresh and new look at this ancient food that is at the same time delicious, sacred, healthy and difficult to find in its true form. Steve's companies are Colorado local, based in Boulder-Denver area. He spends a large part of his time in Vail valley with his family.


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