Avalanche Pub at the Marriott

Avalanche Pub at the Marriott

Phone: 970-476-4444
715 West Lionshead Circle
Vail CO, 81657

Located inside the Vail Marriott Mountain Resort and Spa is Vail's newest culinary hot spot, Avalanche Pub. Avalanche Pub offers mouth-watering dishes featuring Small Plates, Finger Foods and Shareables, allowing guests to sample many of the restaurants seasonal offerings. The Avalanche Pub also offers a fantastic selection of wines and a dessert menu of heavenly treats unlike any other in the Valley so you are sure to leave satisfied.

Avalanche Pub at the Marriott Recipes

Corn Chowder Prepared for 2012 8th Annual Colorado Lamb Cook-Off and Apres Ski Tasting

Bacon (diced raw) lbs 2
celery stalks each 8
large onion each 2
butter cup 0.5
s&p tt
cream cup 4
roasted corn kernals lbs 4
chicken broth cup 28
milk cup 4
large potatoes each 6
carrots (diced) each 6
AP Flour cup 0.5
Fresh thyme oz. 2
garlic cloves (roasted) cup 0.5
fresh jalapeno (grilled & steeped in soup) each 8

Cook bacon then add potatoes carrots, celery, onion and butter cook till translucent
Add flour thyme and garlic cloves cook till well incorporated.
Then add cream and broth.
Cook until flavors develop then salt and pepper and roasted jalapeno.
Serve with chive and cheddar biscuit.

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