Truffle Potato Sunchoke Soup

Added by: Sweet Basil

Truffle Potato Sunchoke Soup

Potato Soup

12# Yukon Gold Potatoes
4.5# Sunchokes (peeled)
2# Leeks
3ea Bay
2qts Heavy Cream
1.5# Butter
A lot of Salt
14qts Vegetable Stock
_____ Truffle Oil (and or scraps)

Peel potatoes and sunchokes and slice leeks.
Melt the leeks in the butter and add the pots and chokes to the leeks, salt heavily.
Cover with veg stock and toss in bay leaves.
Cook the potatoes until they are just tender. Blend adding cream into the blending process until very smooth, strain. When completed, check with chef and add truffle oil.

Plate Up
6oz Soup
10g Confit Sunchoke (obtain from pm grill)
10g Chive batons
1oz Sour Cream
2g Black Truffle (microplaned)

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