Smoked Paprika Chimichurri

Added by: Sweet Basil

Smoked Paprika Chimichurri:
Yield= 4 ½ Cups

4 T. smoked Spanish paprika
4 C. neutral oil, canola etc.
Toast the paprika over low heat until fragrant, add the oil and mix very well. Bring the oil over low heat and steep for 30 minutes. Strain the oil through a coffee filter and cool the oil.

While the oil is cooling, prepare the rest of the Chimichurri:
10 ounces shallot, brunoise
2 ½ ounces garlic, mince fine
2 bay leaves
1 bunch parsley, chop
1 oz. tarragon, chop
½ oz. rosemary, chop
½ oz. mint, chop
8 anchovy filets, rinse well, paste
7 ounces red verjus

Combine all ingredients, add the reserved oil, season with 1 T. salt. Allow to stand for 24 hours to allow flavors to blend well.

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