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725 S. Jason St.
Denver CO 80223

Website: www.veraisonbev.com
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We are the voice of the small, family-owned, boutique vineyards who have been lost in the chaos of recent mergers and acquisitions in the wine industry.

We are Veraison- a term used when a grape changes color during the ripening process signifying change.

We are the change that is necessary to represent unique and outstanding wines in the current industry climate.

We are individuals with a passion for great wine who enjoy strong working relationships throughout the global wine community.

We are a team ready to respond to the changing needs in the wine world by providing distinctive knowledge and service to our customers.

We are a progressive company with traditional values. Our small, progressive, family owned company implements new and unique ideas while being grounded in a passion for wine and a passion for people.
Veraison Beverage Distributors is a wholesale beverage distributor specializing in small, family owned vineyards that produce limited amounts of exceptional wine. Veraison services the retail and restaurant community of Colorado providing quality products from around the world.

Veraison was founded in 2007 by Bob Cohen. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled portfolio and our excellent customer service.

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